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Modular home builders construct a home from "the floor joists up" in controlled conditions within a factory. All elements that depend on actual site conditions are the responsibility of the owner or his/her site contractor. Below is a sample list of what is not typically included in the construction or pricing of a modular home. Keep these items in mind when planning the construction of your new modular home.

  • Land

  • Foundation

  • Utility trenching and installation (telephone, cable, gas, water, sewer and power)

  • Utility hook-ups to modular home after set

  • Plumbing groundwork

  • Furnace and hot water tank

  • Plumbing lines and heating ductwork below floor joists

  • Driveways and sidewalks

  • Eavestroughs and downspouts

  • Basement teleposts

  • Basement windows or doors

  • Window coverings

  • Development and Building permits and fees

  • Engineering costs (i.e. soil tests, engineered foundation)

  • Surveying

  • Final Grading and landscaping

  • Exterior steps to garage or grade

  • Interior staircase (to basement if there is one)

  • Floor covering for interior staircase

  • Exterior hosebibs

  • Parging or "skirting" of foundation

  • Verandahs, porches, decks, railings etc...

  • Garages or garage foundations

  • Chimney chase cases (usually decorative)

  • Extra transportation costs over 100 miles

  • Crane charges (if required to lift modules on to foundation)

  • Appliances

Please note: MANY of these items can be supplied for you by Celtic Homes upon request. Celtic Homes can often supply your furnace, hot water tank, interior staircase, foundation windows and doors, appliances, hosebib rough-ins and the floor covering for your interior staircase if desired. These items are commonly to be installed and/or completed on-site by the owner.


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